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actualizat în 16 mai 2018


GRUP EST SECURITY este alternativa profesionista la servicii de securitate pe piata romaneasca. Compania a fost infiintata ca raspuns la o cerere tot mai diversificata a nevoii de siguranta. Motivatia noastra este aceea de a performa pana la 100% acoperire nationala.

Descriere limbă străină
GRUP EST SECURITY offers a full range of services in security.

"SECURING THE UNSECURED" is our mission and 100% is the target that we have set for GES turn into a brand.
Benefits offered by GES are found in the following services: design and installation of video systems, burglar and fire alarms, security objectives, goods and valules, transport of goods and values??, bodyguards, consulting, monitoring and rapid intervention, training, access control, intercoms, video intercoms, door and gate automation, car alarms, including GPS.
Over the years our work has developed continuously because the products and services available to customers were customized.
Do not know the term: GENERAL OFFER. We can offer only services that optimize them together.
All our partners are treated as "the most important customers", their needs for security are our main concern. This issue is supported by the history of our partnerships.
Cuvinte cheie:
Paza, Servicii de securitate, Servicii de paza, Agentii de paza, Agenti paza, Paza obiective, Transport valori, Agenti paza resedinte, Pregatire agenti de paza, Consultanta securitate, Consultanta sisteme antiefractie, Consultanta supraveghere video sisteme, Consultanta supraveghere video, Consultanta sisteme supraveghere, Consultanta sisteme de securitate, Sisteme antiefractie, Sisteme control acces, Paza si securitate, Personal de paza, Protectie si transport de valori, Protectia persoanelor, Interventie paza, Insotire valori protectie, Paza efective umane, Consultanta sonorizare profesionala paza, Consultanta monitorizare, Consultanta monitorizare de la distanta, Consultanta supraveghere antiefractie, Consultanţă, Antiefractie, Paza umana, Antiincendiu, Sisteme video, Monitorizare interventie, Serv, Procesare numerar, Proiectare si instalare, Servicii ATM
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